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Jack Ferguson
01/07/11 11:56:02AM @jack-ferguson:
Well done...great sound.
10/11/10 06:22:38PM @sam:
Hi Sue;Enjoyed your rendition of Shady Grove. I've got a ways to go before I attempt anything more than some very simple melodies, but I'm having fun. Got a little disappointment today, Folkcraft didn't have all my order in stock so it will be a little while before I can get started on my build.TootlesSam'l
Flint Hill
06/16/10 07:56:23AM @flint-hill:
Hi Sue,Good going!If you like, you should post your version to the Shady Grove thread .
Robin Thompson
06/15/10 09:25:28PM @robin-thompson:
Sue,I enjoyed your Shady Grove! You have a really nice sense of rhythm. (And the video played through smoothly after I hit "Replay".)
Sue Simms
06/15/10 03:24:27PM @sue-simms:
Strumelia , I also noticed after it buffers through the first time and when you hit " Replay " that it plays through smoothly "