Friction Tuner Tool For People With Orthopedic Problem

David Bennett
05/06/17 02:15:35PM

For those who play mountain dulcimers with wooden friction tuners, or know of someone who does, this may be of some interest.  In the last year or two I've been very interested in playing noter/drone style and have two dulcimers with wooden tuners (not that that is a requirement). As most of you know tuning with wooden pegs can be a challenge (at least at first) but more so with folk like me who have various orthopedic problems.

Dulcimore Dan noticed my hands and the challenge I had and made a tool that fits over the friction tuner and greatly helped with my grip, and improving the leverage, making tuning a lot easier and much more accurate. Using the tool has even helped with the occasional peg slip after it's tuned. Since my two dulcimers have different size tuning pegs Dan specifically made a wrench for the two dulcimers.

Not only do the wrenches work great for me clearly they could also benefit anyone may not have orthopedic problems but just haven't gotten the hang of wooden tuners.

Dan is at: