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Posted a new Comment on Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: April:
"Robin (or anyone) I've not found a replacement link yet but I did find what may be an online version of the documentary but it requires logging with your..."
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"Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I'll see if I can find another."
David Bennett
David Bennett
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Posted a response to "How is the COVID-19 coronavirus affecting you?":
"I am now telecommuting and as a result getting a little cabin fever. Bobby Ratliff has got some of us learning Waterbound. It's a nice little tune and the..."
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Liked a youtube item created by @ariane: Ode an die Freude
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"Steven Berger: Also of note: the dulcimer made by Jethro Amburgey (#184) has the date on the label: March 23, 1950...which was the day I was born....if..."
David Bennett
David Bennett
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David Bennett
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Created a new Group discussion "Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: February":
"Today In Mountain Dulcimer History: February..."
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David Bennett
08/03/19 06:33:39AM @david-bennett:

Some of us have noticed that the U.S. has never (so far as we know) ever had a stamp featuring the Appalachian Dulcimer. It's a long shot but if anyone (I'm not able to at this time) wants to take this on as a project there is a way to at least suggest the US Postal Service consider it:

Want to make a formal suggestion to the U.S. Postal Service?


Then mail your suggestions to:

Stamp Development; US Postal Service

1735 North Lynn St., Rm 5013, Arlington VA 22209-6432

How do I suggest a postal stamp design?




David Bennett
07/22/19 10:12:30PM @david-bennett:

Our friend Jake Hisaw (1918-2019) passed today. For years he camped and played with dulcimer groups from Virginia to Texas. He last yodeled for us in May and was active u to the end. See 

David Bennett
03/17/19 05:34:35PM @david-bennett:


David Bennett
03/17/19 05:00:11PM @david-bennett:

A traditional Irish tune for Saint Patrick's Day

The Bard of Armagh

Lyrics attributed to Patrick Donnelly (1650–1716).


Oh, list to the lay of a poor Irish harper

And scorn not the strains of his withered old hands

Remember his fingers, they once could move sharper

To raise up the memory of his dear native land


When I was a young lad King Jamie* did flourish

And I followed the wars in my brogues bound with straw

And all the fair colleens from Wexford to Durrish

Called me Bold Phelam Brady, the Bard of Armagh


How I long for to muse on the days of my boyhood

Tho' four scores and three years have flitted since then

Still it gives sweet reflections, as every young joy should

For light-hearted boys make the best of ould men


At a pattern or fair I could twist me Shillelagh

Or trip through the jig with me brogues bound with straw

Whilst all the pretty maidens around me assembled

Loved Bold Phelam Brady, the Bard of Armagh


Although I have travelled this wide world over

Yet Erin's a home and a parent to me

Then, Oh! Let the ground that my ould bones shall cover

Be cut from the soil that is trod by the free


And when Sergeant Death in his cold arms shall embrace me

Oh, lull me to sleep with sweet 'Erin Go Bragh' **

By the side of my Kathleen, my young wife, oh place me

Then forget Phelam Brady, the Bard of Armagh


10/09/18 06:46:03AM @dan:

I'm guessing around ten, but I'll let you know as soon as they finalize the schedule!

David Bennett
08/05/18 05:37:40PM @david-bennett:

Jake Hisaw will be 100 years old on 30 August. We'd like to encourage anyone who'd like to to send a birthday greeting to him do so at the address below. Over the years Jake has played with many campers and jammers between Virginia and Texas. Jake still sings, yodels and plays his guitar. He knows more songs than anyone I know. The last couple years he's been a regular with the Athens Dulcimers. 

Jake Hisaw

 Room 8

 The Madison Village & Assisted Living

 6016 Wall Triana Highway, Madison, AL 35757

Jake 100.JPG

David Bennett
06/08/18 05:44:40PM @david-bennett:
I happened to be checking for dulcimer related items on Ebay today and found a FOTMD button for $6.95 plus $4 shipping.

Hmmm, maybe a should buy a bunch of nice new pins Strumelia sells for $2.50 each and sell them on ebay. That's almost a 40% profit!

Strumelia's pins http://harmonias.com/FOTMD%20buttons/

David Bennett
02/24/18 05:16:24PM @david-bennett:

Today I received the FOTMD buttons I ordered to wear at the now cancelled Hindman Dulcimer Homecoming. The good news is I'll still get to wear them that weekend in Berea and Hindman when I meet some of the other droners from FOTMD that have nothing else to do tht weekend. dulcimer  Anyway, in trying to explain the significance of the  rare and elusive Lesser Hairy Toed Fotmd on the one button to Karen I was unable to find the post about the moth here on fotmd.com (maybe I just missed it). However, I did find it on the older dulcimer-noter-drone.blogspot.com site and thought some of the newer member might be interested in the story.

The rare and elusive Lesser Hairy Toed Fotmd


David Bennett
01/24/18 05:49:36AM @david-bennett:

Long, Long Ago

Here's a new old tune I'm learning. Dave Holeton's video is excellent for learning the tune

David Bennett
08/15/17 07:27:54PM @david-bennett:

With the total solar eclipse coming up Monday I was trying to think of some tunes that might be appropriate so after thing of some off the top of my head I went through my tab books looking for promising titles. Some of these might be a stretch. Feel free to add your own:

Monday Night Waltz (The eclipse on Monday)
Keep On The Sunny Side
Rising Sun Blues (House of the)
Sunshine In the Shadows
When This Evening Sun Goes Down
You Are My Sunshine
Meet Me By the Moonlight, Alone
Black Mountain Rag (?)
Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella
Give Me Oil in My Lamp
Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley
Meet Me By the Moonlight, Alone
Old Aunt Jenny with Her Nightcap On
Sunshine In the Shadows
Three Blind Mice
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Wake Up Susan
What a Day That Will Be
When the Stars Begin to Fall
When This Evening Sun Goes Down
Worried Man Blues

Gordon Hardy
04/17/16 08:45:59PM @gordon-hardy:

Hello David, regarding simple noter and drone tunes, if you wish to "follow" my profile, we can private message each other our home email addresses, then I can share several DAA and DAD tabbed tunes with you. I am unfamiliar with the 1-5-5 and 1-5-8 terms or keys or any of that stuff. I keep things fairly simple and am happy to share. You can check out some of my videos here on FOTMD to get a feel of what I play.

Jim Fawcett
04/13/11 04:57:17PM @jim-fawcett:
Hey David, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.
Bill Lewis
04/13/11 07:11:16AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD David, glad ya found us. Grin.gif
John Henry
04/13/11 03:14:54AM @john-henry:

Sorry David, I forgot to say in the previous post that I had also been persuaded to post a blog about the TMB on this site which may also be of interest ?


John Henry
04/13/11 03:03:24AM @john-henry:

Good morning David, and welcome to FOTMD from the UK/European group that exists within it. It was a welcome surprise for me to find that you had taken the trouble to send me a message aquainting me of the fact that you had posted additional info on the ED site, thank you. Your instrument has been made on TMB lines, tho' I would suggest somewhat shallower than others that I read about when researching in order to make one, plywood has been around for a long time, and fits in with the concept that the old makers used what was to hand. Should you be interested, there are pics of mine 'in the making' ( I got the 'tinwork' very wrong !!!) and also video footage of me playing it, posted on this site. I was very lucky in that after I answered something on ED I was sent some very beautiful poplar from Indianna to work with. Keep in touch,