Electric Solid Body Questions

Pete Staehling
09/12/15 08:32:55AM

I have over the last couple years had a few customers ask about electric pickups, but have resisted going there so far.  I am pretty clueless about solid body electrics.

I currently have a customer who is very interested in a small solid body electric.  I am considering taking on her order, but am unsure.  She has owned a Risa Solid Body electric ukulele and would like a dulcimer built utilizing some of it's features.  Basically she wants a small dulcimer that you can plug earbuds into or connect to an amp.  I assume that it needs a pre-amp, right?  She does not want it to also be acoustic because she would like it to be fairly silent to others when using earbuds.

I'd like to be able to do this without getting too into the electronics at the start.  Ideally an off the shelf pickup and pre-amp that are kind of plug and play would be my preference.  A bit of soldering is OK though.  Any suggestions on a specific solution for the electronics?

It doesn't necessarily have to have all the unusual features of the Risa. http://www.theukuleleshop.co.uk/acatalog/Risa_Ukuleles.html