Ok I have more Questions about better brands of dulcimers

Don Smith
07/01/21 11:13:36PM

What are some of the better brands of Dulcimer's to look at

I found a apple creek in phoenix but after reading the warning on this site about some non us makers i decided against purchasing

the apple creek did have a solid back and top which i do know when i look at Mandolins is what you want

any suggestions as to what i should look for, all the US Luthiers are back logged and i am looking at a 2-3 month wait to get one builtĀ 

I also have a fox fire 3 book that has plans for a mountain dulcimer and being an avid wood worker I think I could build one i have all the tools, but not sure i want to because the way I build things they usually end up costing me more than just purchasing something already made LOL

so I am open to any and all suggestions