Need Some Input

Don Smith
07/21/21 01:42:22AM

I have started my build of a Dulcimer for my wife I have all the wood cut except for the fret board, I have ripped all my pieces of wood to 1/8 inch thick

most of the Dulcimers I have viewed on the web are made using only one or two different types of wood but i am thinking of using high figured cherry for either the top or the bottom then using high figured black walnut for the sides and then using some roasted birds eye maple for either the top or the bottom in doing it the way I have described they would all be solid top,sides and bottom i would not have to have a two piece bottomĀ 

I think the three different wood would be stunning once finished in my opinion

would a Dulcimer made of three different woods work or is it better to stick with just two different woods only ????

the fret board will be made out of a piece of leopard wood i have or canary wood as well as the peg headĀ 

opinions please

this is going to be a fun project for me

thank you everyone in advance