Insomnia/Night Pain/Mind won't shut off

03/13/10 06:58:02AM
Well here I am sitting at the computer at 5:45 AM, normally with the aid of my meds I would be asleep right now. But I haven't been asleep all night. Having been "blessed" with insomnia now for years I regularly pop a sleeping pill and usually a couple of Tylenol with codiene. This normally deadens the arthritis pain enough that I can get to sleep. So what made tonight different than most night. RAIN. I hate changes in the weather conditions. All my joints that can hurt due to Arthritis do hurt. Even the weight of my lightest blankets was too much to bear tonight. So I'm sitting here venting and working on some TAB. When I get to the point that I'm walking into walls, I'll go back to bed and try reading again.

Anybody got any good ways you handle sleepless nights? I just wish someone would pull this knife out from between my shoulder blades. That's a 24/7 pain that just is never going to go away.