When is enough enough?

03/19/10 06:23:25PM
When do you decide that you are in enough pain that you need to stop what you are doing? Are you smart and say enough's enough at the first sharp tingle, or do you continue your activity until you can barely move?

Unfortunately I have recently become the latter type, knowing that if I stop at the first increase in pain, I'd never get anything done. From a fall in 2006, I have damage to my spine.

Though today I have finally called stop to the activity that is increasing my pain. I've been standing at my dining room table sorting through TAB since last Saturday slowly throwing away music that I know that I will never play.

After going to bed last night feeling as if my back was actually on fire, I decided that today I would stop when the pain began to crank up from it's normal chronic burning level to unbearable. And I've reached that point already. Right now I'm sitting here with a pillow pressed against my back as pressure on the spine seems to help.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have to develop some strategy that will allow me to continue sorting, but not put such a strain on my spine. May be sitting at the table will be an adjustment I could make. Being adaptable even if it makes things a little more inconvenient as to how I position my materials, or the number of steps I take in the sorting process, I think will help. At least I hope so. And also quitting sooner !!!!!!!!! :-)

If you have chronic pain problems, how do you handle living with it?