Tennessee Music Box just about completed.

John Tose
11/04/13 08:53:22AM

Well here it is all done except for applying some sort of finish - I'm thinking of wiping on a bit of Tung oil.

Fretboard is a bit of mahogany reclaimed from a scrap bed frame, frets are just builders staples from a staple gun. Top and back are 1/4" exterior plywood from a DIY store. Sides are 3/8" pine from the same place.

I've tuned it D, d, dd and it actually sounds really nice despite being made from cheap nasty timber! Quite loud and full bodied with a clear ringing tone to the notes. I spaced the frets using an electronic tuner after I'd put the first melody string on, adjusting their positions so it's tuned in `just intonation' rather than `equal temper'. So against the D drones it sounds good in D mixolydian, G ionan, A dorian. Not so sure about E aeolian, but not as bad as it would have if I'd spaced the frets `normally'.