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Anyone else here with autism or depression?

Hello there,  I'm new to mountain dulcimer. I'm waiting for my first dulcimer to arrive, and plan to use it to help me manage my disabilities....
@MelissaBogolubov started 5 years ago - replies: 5

Chording/fretting with a hand tremor

I have a Familial Benign Essential Tremor, so I shake just a tiny bit all the time. Because I'm right handed my left had is a little less steady,...
@BethH started 12 years ago - replies: 4

Handicap noter (MS)

Hello all.  I have MS, and my noter hand is giving me trouble. I can not grip/hold my noter (not Galax style, not round, not flat, not even a...
@fluidpaint started 6 years ago - replies: 11

Stroke victims use music to help them regain speech

I loved this!  SO inspiring:
@Strumelia started 4 years ago - replies: 1
David Bennett

Friction Tuner Tool For People With Orthopedic Problem

For those who play mountain dulcimers with wooden friction tuners, or know of someone who does, this may be of some interest.  In the last year...
@David Bennett started 6 years ago - replies: 5
Helen Seiler

Mood stops me playing

Hi folks. I have been reading here about the severe pain some of you have to deal with day after day. My hand problem is minor in comparison. But...
@Helen Seiler started 10 years ago - replies: 25
Virginia Oman

Anyone else out there have M.S. which is affecting your playing?

I'm a musican and I have secondary progressive M.S. As M.S. brings you one loss after another. Due to declining strength and use of my hands and...
@Virginia Oman started 12 years ago - replies: 7
Ray Harvey

I have had a stroke and need help with my RIGHT hand

I had a stroke just over a year ago and, although I am recovering well with the help of physiotherapists who have exercised my right hand, it is...
@Ray Harvey started 8 years ago - replies: 19

Hand Pain

Decades ago, I tried to learn chords, but had to give up. Playing chords seemed to be the way everyone was going, even had a workshop instructor...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 9

I have injured my Left Hand, Now What

I have pulled, tore, or have arthritis in my left hand. Keep thinking it will heal and wearing an OTC brace some. In the meantime got out my bowed...
@Nellie started 10 years ago - replies: 15


A discussion for folks who have had finger or hand injuries that effect their ability to play the dulcimer. How are you handling this problem ?
@Strumelia started 12 years ago - replies: 17

Hearing Difficulties

So far, I've talked about a couple of problems I've had with learning music under the Memory Problems discussion and under Hand Pain. It's time to...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 25
Robin Thompson

electrical muscle stimulation

Hi, Folks! Has anyone used any of these types of devices? And, if so, did you find it helpful? (I tried one...
@Robin Thompson started 12 years ago - replies: 7

When is enough enough?

When do you decide that you are in enough pain that you need to stop what you are doing? Are you smart and say enough's enough at the first sharp...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 11

Insomnia/Night Pain/Mind won't shut off

Well here I am sitting at the computer at 5:45 AM, normally with the aid of my meds I would be asleep right now. But I haven't been asleep all...
@folkfan started 13 years ago - replies: 2