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Noter-drone player, retired hospital worker and political animal, old folkie, ocarina player, choral singer ...

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B. Ross Ashley

Haven't been in here for a while,

but I'm back. And I have just ordered a Singleton replica from John...
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B. Ross Ashley

On the new site!

I'm here, how is everybody?
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B. Ross Ashley

Clubs in the GTA

Talking to Syd got me wondering about groups of MD players around the...
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Digger's Song

Digger's Song

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Song of the Wandering Aengus

Song of the Wandering Aengus

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Dandelion River Run

Dandelion River Run

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Gordon Hardy
04/14/14 10:57:43PM @gordon-hardy:

Hi Ross, thanks for the welcome. I'm not exactly north of the lakes, quite a bit more north and west but real pleased with the Canadian viewpoint.

Maggie Arnold
05/30/13 01:06:49PM @maggie-arnold:

I live up in the Collingwood, Ontario area.

RavenMadd Garcia
06/24/12 10:09:37PM @ravenmadd-garcia:

thanks buddy

John Henry
02/02/10 03:01:01AM @john-henry:
Hi Ross ,thanks for your comment, always good to get some feedback. As someone who also was a Union Safety Rep , I enjoyed your 'asbestos noter' comment, tho' I would be worried that anything as hard as diamond would chew up my fretboard after a while!!
Paul Rappell
12/31/09 10:54:42AM @paul-rappell:
Wow. Chances are 99.9% that I know those people. I was TCCC co-chair at the time, as well as Cyclometer editor. Very small world!
Paul Rappell
12/31/09 12:35:07AM @paul-rappell:
Thanks for the welcome, Ross.So much great stuff and comments on your page. I'm listening to your choir video as I type this - takes me back to my school choirs. Try conducting 100+ kids who really would rather be somewhere else - until the applause!Interesting mention of a Tam Kearney dulcimer - reminiscent of the early 70's at Fiddler's Green, and someone (a hammered dulcimer afficianado) making fun of Tam's dulcimers with their little rubber feet.Sound holes? There are so many patterns now. My '74 Oskar Graf has four trillium sound holes - Ontario's provincial flower. It'll do, although anything goes. Whatever works for you ... .What wood works as a noter? I enjoy the "skirl" sound as they move up and down the fretboard. Thinking of trying it. Recommendations/advice gratefully accepted.
08/04/09 09:02:01AM @strumelia:
Hi Ross!I'm a bicyclist too!Here are our bikes:http://harmonias.com/bikes/Nice to have you here. :)