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Old Joe Clark

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Hi all If you can bear to listen, I would welcome some feedback on this first music post here on FOTMD. Be nice but don't pull your punches. Many thanks Eric
01/29/18 05:13:44AM @banjostray:

Thank you all for your encouragement & thanks Dusty for the tip about using a heavier pick. I was using a light Fender but I'm now trying a medium. 

Salt Springs
01/28/18 04:50:48PM @salt-springs:


Dusty Turtle
01/28/18 02:51:14PM @dusty:

Eric, this is some nice stuff. I like the syncopation you add.  Nice touch.  I don't think pick noise is an issue here.  As Marsha says, on faster tunes a little rhythm doesn't hurt. 

But there are some ways to reduce that pick noise (or pick clack as its sometimes called). Make sure you are only hitting the strings, and not jamming the pick into the fretboard when you strum.  Think of the pick as gliding over the tops of the strings rather than digging down into them.  Also, heavier picks make less noise than lighter, thinner ones.  So use a heavy pick, hold it lightly, and don't dig down into the strings but just brush along the tops.

You're sounding good, though, so don't worry about this stuff too much.

Marsha Elliott
01/28/18 11:02:42AM @marsha-elliott:

I second what Cynthia said.

By the way.... glad that you mentioned pick noise. I think that for all us Dulcimer players, it's a constant struggle. I think that playing fast and snappy fiddle tunes like Old Joe Clark, a bit of pick noise doesn't hurt a thing. Listen to one of our favorite professionals, Don Pedi, his pick noise is part of his style. But in the softer tunes, those pick sounds are awful. I am always looking for ways to prevent them, better picks, hitting the strings with just enough tilt of the pick, etc. but I have a long way to go to master this. Any advice from you guys is welcome.

01/28/18 10:00:35AM @banjostray:

Thanks guys. 

My own thoughts are that the melody isn’t sounding out as much as it should. I’m also concerned that there may be too much pick noise.


Robin Thompson
01/27/18 10:33:25PM @robin-thompson:

Eric, nicely done!  Your rhythm is solid and you played with heart-- I enjoyed listening! 

Mike Thurman
01/26/18 11:45:38AM @mike-thurman:

Very good.

Cynthia Wigington
01/26/18 07:15:11AM @cynthia-wigington:

You play this old American tune better than most Americans do. Sometimes we connect in our spirits with things outside our geographical range...our souls need to wander free.