Playing Galax at Winfield

Steve Eulberg
09/22/11 08:30:12AM

[Reposting here, because this is where I thought I was posting when I sent the message!--Thank Lisa for the coaching]

Hi folks!
Just want to let you know that I decided to compete at the National Mountain Dulcimer Contest in Winfield, only after I determined that I would do so playing Galax style only.

I expected to play in the first round and go back to my camp and take a nap. To my delight and surprise, I was called back for the second round and was able to play the other two tunes. (I ended up tying for 4th place!)

Folks seemed appreciative of hearing the old traditional sound and I'm glad I was able to share it with this audience, which is much more accustomed to hearing chromatic tunes on fully chromatic instruments the past few years.

Steve Eulberg