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Here is the history of the word "Galax" as sent to me by a scholar who...
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Ben Seymour
08/24/23 06:45:28PM @ben-seymour:

I have a Kudzu Patch Galax Dulcimer for sale. Made all of Dogwood. If interested then send my an email for details :) I just made myself another one of Walnut, and I don't need 3 :)

RavenMadd Garcia
07/31/12 08:44:05PM @ravenmadd-garcia:

Ben thanks for your comments on my thread

Jim Tackett
09/04/11 04:26:49PM @jim-tackett:


Several years ago I built a "boat-shaped" dulcimer for a firend(now deceased sorry to say) with 6 strings..his request for a church dulcimer. It was tuned with 2 unison melody strings and the other strings in octaves like a 12 string guitar. It had huge volume and a really different sound. With your Galax do you thing the shape makes a difference or is it just the tuning?


Jim Tackett
09/03/11 10:52:20AM @jim-tackett:

Ben, what is a Galax dulcimer? I've built dulcimers for many years but I haven't heard of this until now. How does it differ from the hour-glass or the tear-drop?


Alan Thompson
10/26/10 07:01:44PM @alan-thompson:
Many thanks Ben for the dimensions required. I use a dial gauge mounted on bridge that straddles the string and the fret. You sit the gauge on the string and then move the string down to meet the fret this give a good measurement however my gauge is not in money units so thanks again.
10/18/10 07:42:40PM @strumelia:
Hi Ben, check your Inbox messages please.
Rod Westerfield
10/21/09 08:13:06PM @rod-westerfield:
thanks Ben I'll give ya a holler here next week maybe and see about getting your new CD...
Rod Westerfield
10/21/09 06:47:23PM @rod-westerfield:
just thought I'd say thanks... I just 2 and 2 of the CD's I listen to regularly is Down in the Valley to Pray.. and there is this guy named Ben Seymour on it...any way just wanted to say thanks and tell you how much I enjoy that CD...
09/24/09 02:30:28PM @folkfan:
Hope you're feeling better soon and that the therapy speeds things up for you.
John Henry
09/11/09 03:00:21AM @john-henry:
Hi Ben, thanks for response,as you said, Doug did a great job with his reply but that does not detract from the fact that you bothered. Regards, John. ( I see that we share a similar taste in color for beards and shirts?)
Doug Berch
08/25/09 08:53:48PM @doug-berch:
Hope you are up and running soon, or at least able to get into the shop and do some stuff. One of the downsides of doing what you love is not being able to do it all the time!
Sally Pena
08/25/09 01:21:52PM @sally-pena:
Yea Ben! Glad you joined us. It was fun talking to you this am... hope to see you here regularly.