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Cantiga #302 - Arranged for mountain dulcimer

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Cantiga #302 arranged for mountain dulcimer. CGc tuning with capo on first fret. 13th century music.
Garland Coulson
10/10/22 09:26:42PM @garland-coulson:

Lovely. I liked the flute added to it. My wife plays Native American flute (expert level) so if I get practiced enough on my mountain dulcimer, perhaps we can play together.

Cynthia Wigington
10/08/22 08:23:03AM @cynthia-wigington:

So refreshing to hear something totally different on dulcimer. I love the cantigas. Played lute and viol in early music groups and so much of that music would be great on the dulcimer.

10/06/22 05:10:53PM @marg:

Very nice

Canadian Dulcimer Boy
04/14/22 07:58:50AM @canadian-dulcimer-boy:

Thank you. Being that this was recorded with little rehearsing after coming up with the arrangement, I will be revisiting it to tighten up the parts and get a better mix level for the dulcimer. I may be adding a couple more instruments to make it have more variety over the full length of the tune.

My goal is to one day release an album of several Cantiga's played on the dulcimer. I've gotten inspired by Jessica Comeau .


I love this really old music. Beautifully played!

04/14/22 06:47:43AM @strumelia:

I love this really old music. Beautifully played!

Canadian Dulcimer Boy
04/10/22 09:32:10PM @canadian-dulcimer-boy:

Glad you liked it.



Canadian Dulcimer Boy
04/10/22 09:31:39PM @canadian-dulcimer-boy:


Robin Thompson:

Very cool, Canadian Dulcimer Boy.  

04/10/22 05:37:33PM @jost:


Robin Thompson
04/10/22 04:14:41PM @robin-thompson:

Very cool, Canadian Dulcimer Boy.