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Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Country: US

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Blow the Candles Out

Blow the Candles Out

style or instrument: After Light Sun Bear

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Candice H. Brown Elliott
09/16/18 09:31:38PM @candice-h-brown-elliott:

If y'all like my playing... you may listen to a whole lot more at:

Click on "Side 1" or "Side 2" to hear the whole side of the demo tape that this comes from...

Salt Springs
09/16/18 09:21:05PM @salt-springs:


Candice H. Brown Elliott
09/16/18 09:06:27PM @candice-h-brown-elliott:

Thank you @Strumelia...

09/16/18 08:58:26PM @strumelia:

This is beautiful Candice!  clapper