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Country: Australia

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A short look at some of the dulcimers I have made recently. Built almost exclusively from Australian timber.
The music is "The summertime is coming" also known as "The wild mountain thyme." arranged and played by me on mountain dulcimer, guitar, and keyboard.
08/10/20 12:32:58PM @strumelia:

Very nice, Clive!

Cindy Stammich
05/06/20 10:11:44PM @cindy-stammich:

Such beautiful instruments!  And the soundtrack.......I could put this on repeat and listen to it all day!!!!  Thank you for sharing this!

04/26/20 10:49:01PM @irene:

DITTO on the comments.....I love all your creative sound holes and the way you do the fret board....These are just very very lovely.  Thanks for posting and lovely tune played "loverrrrrly".   aloha, irene

04/26/20 03:19:51PM @hobbyhorse:

Truly beautiful instruments.

Rob N Lackey
04/26/20 02:25:01PM @rob-n-lackey:

Beautiful instruments, Clive.  Like the sound of the one on the soundtrack as well.  Very nice!

Steven Berger
04/26/20 04:08:36AM @steven-berger:

Those are some beautiful dulcimers, Clive! I liked the soundtrack, too!