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@irene • 7 years ago • comments: 0
I loved this post. I can't read it all tonight, saving it on my computer to read first thing in the morning!!! A HUGE THANK YOU....when I play my M.D. with a bow, it is less then an inch from the bridge at the bottom.
Mostly ONLY the first string and maybe at the end of the song, draw the
bow across all the strings or the lowest D string. FUN FUN. aloha, irene
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Where can I get dulcimer wood?

Okay, folks, that build dulcimers.   WHERE can I get dulcimer sides,...
@IRENE 4 years ago - Comments: 4

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10/06/23 07:43:02AM @nate:

Irene, I am very excited to see your "biblical woods" dulcimer! I hope you'll upload pictures soon!

04/09/22 10:01:30PM @marg:

Good seeing you posting again, you have been missed & hope you have been doing ok

01/30/19 11:54:18AM @kari:

two dulcimers.jpg    Here is a picture of some of Irene's dulcimers.

two dulcimers.jpg
two dulcimers.jpg  •  1.9MB

Ken Longfield
10/24/18 10:30:22AM @ken-longfield:

Irene, more information on the Berea Traditional Dulcimer Gathering will be coming in 2019. Look for it on the Gathering thread in the Events section.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

05/07/18 11:56:45PM @marg:

I am glad all are safe & keeping up daily may go on for sometime. I do hope the lava & poison gases soon stop.


05/06/18 11:57:57PM @irene:

I have 3 daughters on the Big Island where this volcano is going crazy.  All are safe.  The Vog IS BAD.  (too bad "vog" is not in the scrabble dictionary) Vog is the mix of those poison gases and fog from the Sea.  I keep up with what's going on daily.  I love the Big Island as it is so unique with so much different land zones.  aloha, irene

05/06/18 10:57:19PM @marg:

Hope your friends & love ones safe from the lave flowing.


04/07/18 11:45:20PM @sspradli:

Soo new to this forum, but Irene kept telling me to check it out!  What a "harmonious"adventure the dulcimer brings to my life!

04/05/18 10:40:24PM @marg:

Might want to say hi to a new member,  Sandy M

from Hawaii


03/19/18 12:34:02AM @marg:

(Palestine Festival)

I was so hoping to meet you in person, I was looking forward to having a nice visit with you but things have come up and it looks like I may not be able to make it to Old Pal this coming weekend. 

I am so sorry to miss the festival and meeting you.

02/28/18 11:18:40PM @irene:

whoooooooooopies, I'm a weaver as well and drove up to the top of Ohio and got a 200 year old barn frame loom I won on Ebay for $150.00.  (the repairs on it were square nails)...I've stained most of it and hopefully in one month I'll be weaving on her.  name?  Tabatha as she sat in an old barn set up for over 10 years.  aloha, irene

02/28/18 10:46:48PM @lisajr:

I am also a weaver. I am making a tablet woven band at a workshop I took in Vermont last year. It just happens to be one of the better photos taken of me that I actually like.

01/31/18 09:16:07PM @marg:

    Do you know Terry McCafferty, dulcimer maker? He goes to the Palestine Festival, maybe you met him last year. I am off to his workshop tomorrow for a capo & hope to get a tour of his shop. 

    When you see him this year at Palestine, maybe you can tell him about FOTMD, all the dulcimer people I see I tell them about it but we just don't have many from this area on the site.

01/31/18 08:55:16PM @marg:

(WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY COOL.   ZERO degree weather in Nauvoo, Illinois. )

Just about 70 today here in North Houston with the 'blue moon in the AM & a beautiful sunset this evening.

01/25/18 01:38:28AM @marg:

I have only been once to Old Palestine, when I went several years ago John & Karen Keane were there. John was kind enough to help me out with my strum.

I hope the weather is nice & I make it up


03/14/17 10:44:00PM @hugssandi:

I loved learning what you are reading!  My step-mother has ties to the pilgrim colony as well.  So cool!

03/09/17 10:52:05PM @marg:


the dulcimer you are holding looks so big, is it or just the way the photo is taken?

i love the idea of fixing up old dulcimers, how wonderful you are doing that. Did you but the detail in the one you are holding and the banjo I can see?

robert schuler
02/17/17 01:11:05PM @robert-schuler:

Thanks for the good comment about my new galax model. tuning was ddad. adding the (A) goes against tradition, as its usually all dddd. but the A adds a bit of tonal color. rope binding is cherry quarter round molding. Robert.

Mary Gwynn Keller
02/16/17 06:21:04PM @mary-gwynn-keller:

Have a good time in Texas.  Hope to get to see you sometime this year,  We live about 20 miles west of you.  If the land was flat we could see the Temple from our back yard.  Have a good year.    Mary Keller 

Robin Thompson
09/12/16 07:10:48AM @robin-thompson:

Irene, thanks for the idea about using beeswax to make a noter slide!  I got a block of wax and really like the way it makes a noter go.  :)