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Morrison Jig (acoustic mix)

Morrison Jig (acoustic mix)

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musician/member name: Daniel Crommie / Saturnalia Trio

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This acoustic mix appears on a compilation album Saturnalia Trio released in 2016. Daniel Crommie on 6-string dulcimer, Leslie Gray on violin and Michael Treadwell on bodhran.
05/13/24 02:30:02AM @shanonmilan:

What a beautiful collaboration! I've listened to this several times, and I'm very elated to discover that the beat came from an accordion.

02/02/24 03:06:36AM @shanonmilan:

The dulcimer and violin is complementing one another beautifully. 

Dusty Turtle
11/11/17 03:35:28PM @dusty:

This is very nice, Daniel.  Thoroughly enjoyable.

Cat Brown
11/08/17 08:42:25AM @cat-brown:

very nice!

Robin Thompson
11/08/17 06:05:31AM @robin-thompson:

This makes me want to dance a, well, you know.  :) I enjoyed this lots, Daniel!