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Plastic Pop (Eat it Again)

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:52
This is the official video for "Plastic Pop (eat it again)" from the Daniel Crommie album "A Factor of One" on New Weave. The video was created and directed by Jamie Haggerty. Daniel Crommie played all of the instruments and vocals. Produced by Daniel Crommie.
10/10/23 07:38:42AM @nate:

This hit my ear in a very strange way the first time I heard it and I wasnt sure how to feel, but it is quite the earworm and I've come back to listen several times. Really appreciate the unique sounds.

08/26/23 07:54:01PM @strumelia:

What a wild ride Daniel!  Very creative!

Nice to see you post again.  dancecool

Robin Thompson
08/24/23 04:37:59PM @robin-thompson:

Doggone cool.