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Little Black Train

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Duration: 00:01:11
Our livestock guardian dog Mouse broke off from a hug to scan something that was moving upwind of her.The soundtrack is an instrumental version of the spooky old 1890s Holiness spiritual, "Little Black Train".The whole song including my mule-plain vocals is here .
Mark Runge
06/13/14 07:46:23AM @mark-runge:

I really love the music! And Mouse is pretty dang cute, too.

Thank you for sharing.

Bucko Futreal
02/21/11 02:35:25AM @bucko-futreal:
nice video -- the music and imagery go wonderfully together...
Sue Simms
07/09/10 08:47:15PM @sue-simms:
This is Fantastic" Smile.gif
Flint Hill
04/14/10 10:13:56AM @flint-hill:
Thanks much, Dave. I'm playing it in C#, a half-step down from Ddcc (D2, D3, C3, C3) which starts an Aeolian scale on the first fret of the paired melody strings. The tune is from Dock Boggs' version.
Flint Hill
04/12/10 02:35:50PM @flint-hill:
Thanks, both of you!I've practiced the noter almost every day since last November, and it has finally started to come together a little bit. I'll have enough songs for a CD by Christmas, I think. I have no idea how to put together a CD, but I'm doing some reading on the subject.Mouse is one of the most intelligent, generous, and complicated spirits I've ever encountered. She was a dog nobody wanted because she was extremely shy. She wouldn't let us touch her for the first five months she lived with us. She's extremely gentle with her flock and absolutely tireless in protecting them. (Also a real huggy, sweet family dog, once she got over her shyness.)
John Henry
04/12/10 12:03:29PM @john-henry:
Still waiting for that CD!!JohnH
Robin Thompson
04/12/10 11:28:17AM @robin-thompson:
Mouse looks smart-- good dog!Ken, your picking style shines on this! And you can guess what I think of those noter slides.3.gif