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Shady Grove

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Maybe the second song I learned to play, after Pretty Saro. Sang it in the early 1960s in an old-time trio with Pat Alger and Henry Williams.Henry made a doctor, Pat wrote songs for Garth Brooks and made a couple of CDs for Sugar Hill, and I'm getting up after I post this to clean poop out of the chicken brooder. ;)Played on a 1980 Musical Traditions dulcimer passed to me through my sister-in-law's family.Tuning is DAcc
Sue Simms
07/09/10 08:50:46PM @sue-simms:
You play so well" I'm also trying to get smoother with the Noter and have been working on this song and Pretty Saro. Smile.gif
Flint Hill
05/11/10 08:33:31PM @flint-hill:
Thanks, John Henry and Robin.John Henry, this dulcimer sounds pretty good for something that more or less washed ashore by chance. It has a quiet, dark, sweet sound. It belonged to a fellow in my sister-in-law's family who lived in Henderson North Carolina and who loved old-time music. After he died, it hung on a wall in humid coastal Carolina for ten years, but it's in very good shape for all that.Robin, actually I love working with baby chicks. The world is all new to them and they are sweet and flustery. I moved the latest cohort into the big brooder this afternoon.
Robin Thompson
05/11/10 06:58:40PM @robin-thompson:
Hey, Flint-- getting, uh, dirt under the fingernails is good for the soul! Smile.gif Your Shady Grove is played and sung in an old-timey way I love!
John Henry
05/11/10 01:22:47AM @john-henry:
I still can't make my fingers pick like you do Flint; great rendition,love the speed and really would like to try the dulcimer, you let me use it for a while and I'll help with the chicken poop........................................LOL. Thanks for the info the other day.John