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04/13/21 07:57:28AM
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How Many Dulcimers Do You Own?

General mountain dulcimer or music discussions

Total of 4 in the order I got them:

1 Simplicity by Backyard Instruments (cardboard)

1 June Apple dulcimer by Carl Gotzmer / Jessica Wills (black walnut body / western red cedar top)

1 FolkRoots D100S (mahogany & Sitka Spruce)

1 Blue Lion IW Chromatic (walnut & western red cedar)

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11/29/20 09:32:49PM
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Ruggs & Jackel Pre Folkcraft

Instruments- discuss specific features, luthiers, instrument problems & questions


Considering the same manufacturer, a pre break up Capritaurus W/OSSC (walnut what is ossc?) would be better ?

How about: w/OSSC means “with original soft shell case” — does that fit what you’re seeing?