Just looking for info on Roscoe Horton Dulcimers.

Estes George
Estes George
6 years ago
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I'm eyeing a Roscoe Horton, for sure it's just intonation just looking at the fret board, has geared tuners, not wood pegs. I have seen some info on him, only seems to have built about 1700 dulcimers, this one in 95. Has anyone played one or familiar with them, looks to be well built.

 Did see some personal history on him, and the other feedback I saw was from folk who didn't understand the difference between, JI and ET, same as me at first, when I got my first JI Dulcimer without knowing I assumed the dulcimer was "messed up", but now I also play noter style and get the different tunings for older, or traditional style build..

 So, I'll stop rambling. just always like asking before I jump. Thanks all!!