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Site QUESTIONS ? How do I...?

» Post a NEW DISCUSSION THREAD here if you have a question or confusion about using our site. PLEASE- indicate the subject in the TITLE of your thread! Use a title like "How to delete a photo?" instead of a title like "Need Help".
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FAQ/Site Rules- please read! :)

» Please READ our site rules before posting anything.
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Off Topic discussions

» Discussions about non-music and non-dulcimer-related topics. Sociable musings on whatever you like!
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General mountain dulcimer or music discussions

» Musical subjects of interest to all mountain dulcimer players and musicians.
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Instruments- discuss specific features, luthiers, instrument problems & questions

» Want to talk about a particular dulcimer or about dulcimers available from certain luthiers? Talk about string gauges, dulcimer brands, types of wood, mystery buzzes, sticky tuning peg, extra frets...
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Dulcimer Resources:TABS/Books/websites/DVDs

» Discussions about learning books, DVDs, TAB, recordings, new dulcimer websites or videos...all the materials that help us learn to play dulcimer.
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Chord/melody modern style playing discussions

» Be sure to join our Modern/Chord style playing GROUP as well! Subjects unique to those who play in chord style and fret all the strings. Progressive/modern playing styles and music. Blues, klezmer, rock, etc.
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Traditional style playing- drone and/or noter discussions

» Subjects relevant to those who only fret the melody string(s), with a noter or finger. Be sure to join our traditional Noter playing GROUP as well!
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Building dulcimers

» Be sure to join our very active dulcimer builder's GROUP as well!
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Playing and jamming difficulties...HELP ME!

» Having trouble playing? Just starting out? Confused? Not sure how to play with others in a jam? Don't be afraid to ask. Post here and you'll get help!
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Adventures with 'other' instruments...

» Talk about your 'other' instruments here, and your mountain dulcimer won't get jealous!
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Dulcimer history & traditions, archaic music discussions

» For History and tradition buffs! Be sure to check out our dulcimer history GROUP as well!
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Single-Instructor workshops, band & house concerts, Club activities, monthly Jams

» Post your workshops, smaller events, band gigs, club events, your own performances, house concerts. Include the DATE in your thread TITLE. Limit: 2 threads per month per person.
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FOR SALE:instruments/music items/CDs/Wanted to Buy...

» Please read our FAQ/SITE RULES about selling BEFORE posting here! You can post dulcimer and music-related items you are selling. You can also post 'Wanted' music items.