Jessica Comeau
Jessica Comeau
one month ago
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I'm from Pensacola, Florida, Barb, and I have encountered several of his instruments in my musical journeys! Loran Harmon was a local mountain dulcimer builder. Here's a little background about him:

Black Dog Bess
Black Dog Bess
6 years ago
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Hi everyone! I recently found a little dulcimer on Reverb for $55 that I intended to use as a beater for kids to try at demos. It has arrived and it is far better than I thought it would be. It needs a clean up and new strings (the ones on it look like they date from 1981, the date written inside!) but has a nice sound despite it's small size due to it's surprizing depth (2.5") and it can be standardly tuned. The label inside says Loran Harmon, Pensacola, FL    848 B   12/81. I googled him and I guess he sold at the Gulf Coast Arts Festivals. He is now deceased.

Please let me know if you are familiar with his work, I enjoy having stories to tell about my instruments.