Portland Oregon Area Luthiers

3 months ago
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There's a luthier 45 miles north of Portland in Longview WA (where I live).http://advancedguitarrepair.com

If you want to do the repairs yourself, it's not very difficult, but does require some time and attention. I adjusted the action on two dulcimers recently: one I had put together from a 46-year old Black Mountain kit (which presented several problems) using their directions and a Folkcraft walnut kit assembled by a guy near Salem OR who didn't follow the instructions as close as he should have. I also am working on a not-so-well-made walnut dulcimer my wife and I bought in TN about 20 years ago. I'm changing the headstock, removing the frets, planing the fretboard, and installing new frets. The fret removal requires a fret puller and chip stopper (see link below) to get them out without damaging the wood, I'm ordering those now. Installation of new frets is not difficult unless you're changing their positions, which requires a fret saw (which I recently bought along with some fret wire from Folkcraft).


5 months ago
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Can anyone suggest luthiers in the Portland, Oregon area that have some experience with dulcimers? I have two that need some minor work resetting some frets, general action adjustment, etc., and I would rather not ship them somewhere out of the area.