Pawpaw's Dulcimers (general info, please)

Dwain Wilder
Dwain Wilder
3 months ago
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You could ask the builder and try the dulcimer out. 

As for price, I would suggest you play the instrument, ask the builder what it costs, and decide for yourself if it is worth it. If you are a beginner, it is important to get some basic matters clear about what makes a good music instrument.

I have a buyer's guide on my website at

Hope that helps

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3 months ago
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I've seen a fairly basic walnut teardrop dulcimer for sale locally, but can't seem to find much about these instruments except what is on the builder's website. Can someone please give me a general opinion about how these compare to other makers and what the range of selling prices might be (either new or used).

I'd appreciate some input. Thanks.

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