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Original Dulcimer Players Club Funfest -(MI)

Original Dulcimer Players Club Funfest -(MI)

Thursday July 18 2019, 9:00 AM
@ Evart, Michigan - Osceola County Fairgrounds
Attendees:  @Gregg Schneeman@Joyce Hibbard

Now known as the "Grand Daddy" of all dulcimer festivals, the ODPC FunFest is the largest gathering of hammer dulcimer players in the world. Each year on the third weekend in July, several thousand musicians and music lovers come home to the fairgrounds in Evart for the ODPC FunFest.  Whether you are new to the instrument or a national hammer dulcimer champion, or even a person who just likes to listen to the music, you will feel welcome at FunFest.  It draws musicians from around the world who come to enjoy several days of concerts, workshops and memories.

The festival's original purpose was to invite  musicians who played other acoustic instruments, to add variety to the sound of the large  collection of hammer dulcimers.  And thus even today, all acoustic instrument players are  welcomed to this predominantly hammer dulcimer event. Personal note: as a mountain dulcimer player, I always find plenty of mountain dulcimer workshops and helpful instructors. 


Event information can be found at: . Workshop information should be posted soon. 

  You can find more information about about the Original Dulcimer Players Club, membership, meetings and newsletters at:


Gregg Schneeman
07/08/19 05:10:01PM @gregg-schneeman:

Letting people know I'm now among the couple of hundred people here already at the Evart Michigan Dulcimer FunFest with more folk arriving all the time! Bring your Bowed Psaltery!

Joyce Hibbard
06/15/19 12:02:22PM @joyce-hibbard:

As much as I would love to arrive early at the Funfest, I can no get there until Thursday morning. I will bring my two Bowed Psalters and search out you all.  Gregg, you gave me your hand made bows last year, and we played together at my camp site, by the main entrance.  Look forward to seeing you, and hearing your great playing.

Gregg Schneeman
05/24/19 09:59:19AM @gregg-schneeman:

 Hey fellow Dulcimer players, I know I'm not the only one of you to also at least own if not play a Bowed Psaltery and I want to encourage you to remember to bring it with you to the Original Dulcimer Players Funfest. I have been invited to give a Bowed Psaltery Workshop and Performance at this years Funfest at Evart Michigan. I plan on getting there by the weekend before as by then more people are starting to arrive every day and everyone is eager to start jamming! Bowed Psaltery Players! Arrive early!