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Still Waters

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:05:36
I am giving this song the GPS award! That is, the Grant's Prettiest Song Award. Not that I won't write something better someday, but this turned out well. I enjoyed the months-long process of writing it; where I came up with many phrases, some of which made it into the song, and others which didn't. It also is really fun to play, and does not feel nearly so long as it is. I probably could perform it even better with a couple more months of practice, but it still sounds nice.

My inspiration for this song has two parts: first, the beauty and quality of a Blue Lion dulcimer. Every note is so crisp and full, and it all blends together really well. (Thank you to my teacher, Karen Mueller, for lending me this dulcimer). Second, the keyboard class I recently took at the community college. I was inspired by the 7th chords and other 4 note chords we learned about, and decided to try them out, since I had 4 strings. (Which are tuned to B F# B F#).

The title for this song comes from Psalm 23, which talks about trusting in God and finding his peace in any situation. There is not doubt that this COVID-19 situation is annoying, stressful, and scary. I hope this song can help you to relax and destress; but more than that, point you to Jesus, who can give you his peace, which transcends all understanding.
Dusty Turtle
04/05/20 08:59:48PM @dusty-turtle:

So pretty and soothing.

04/05/20 07:50:23PM @leny-sue:

So beautiful and serene, Grant. Praising God for the blessing of this gift to you. Thank you for sharing. I will be listening to this often.

03/24/20 11:34:16PM @irene:

VERY VERY BEAUTIFULLY PLAYED.  It shows you've worked a long time on this one.   sooooooooooooothing.   aloha, irene