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Rondo Alla Turca

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:34
I previously recorded this song on a cardboard dulcimer and performed it in the 2019 National Mountain dulcimer championship, but I decided to re-record it, this time on my NEW BLUE LION DULCIMER! This dulcimer features a chromatic fretboard with 4 equidistant strings. In addition it has a really nice tone, especially when compared to a cardboard dulcimer. I am really excited to play more on it.

This is the original full version of Rondo Alla Turca I arranged two years ago. When I played at Winfield I had to shorten it considerably. I apologize for the major mistake in the middle section but it could not be helped. This was the first attempt I made, and despite that mistake, every subsequent attempt was worse than this one. This is by far the most difficult song I have ever played and honestly though I continued to practice it hasn't gotten any easier. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

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01/11/21 07:28:58PM @sgarrity:

Awesome playing!!

Dusty Turtle
01/11/21 06:10:53PM @dusty-turtle:

I'm just mesmerized.  Wow! 

01/11/21 03:58:31PM @jost:

*jaw dropping* Seriously, that's fantastic clap

01/11/21 01:19:56PM @strumelia:

I don't even know how this is possible.  bowdownclapper

What tuning are you using here for the 4 equidistant strings on a chromatic fret board?