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Lord Lovel

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Duration: 00:02:39
I learned this song from Larkin Bryant's beginner dulcimer book. Larkin is in hospice now and I recorded this song in honor of her. I never met her, but her book was a huge part of me learning to play the dulcimer. It is explained very well and I always recommend it to new dulcimer players. I also always enjoyed the drawings throughout the book:) This was one of my favorites from the book; I didn't mean to pick a very sad one but it is a good one.

I'm playing a chromatic blue lion dulcimer; right now I am only playing the lower three strings, tuned AEG. (Aeolian tuning in the key of A). I added some harmony on the third time through.

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Robin Thompson
03/22/21 11:33:08AM @robin-thompson:

Grant, this is a beautiful tribute to Larkin.  She has been in my prayers; I pray for comfort for her.  Larkin's dulcimer book is a treasure-- I'm so glad I have it!  Thank you for this lovely piece!  

Dusty Turtle
03/20/21 03:59:21PM @dusty-turtle:

Very pretty playing, Grant.

John W. McKinstry
03/20/21 03:09:15PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Just lovely and done with such feeling. Thanks