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John W. McKinstry

A simple chord accompaniment in D A A

In D A A, using the finger- chord style method, I have found that a...
@John W. McKinstry 4 years ago - Comments: 0
John W. McKinstry

Ways of getting people interested in the dulcimer

Here are some ways that I have tried to get people interested in the...
@John W. McKinstry 4 years ago - Comments: 0
John W. McKinstry

Some gimmicks that might be helpful for beginners

In giving a workshop for beginners I found three gimmicks that I would...
@John W. McKinstry 4 years ago - Comments: 3
John W. McKinstry

A recent opportunity to play the dulcimer and sing in church

Well the big day came for me to do some solos in church.  For the...
@John W. McKinstry 4 years ago - Comments: 1
John W. McKinstry

Mt. Dulcimer for loan at library

Hi everyone, Our local library loans out a Ukulele and has had a lot of...
@John W. McKinstry 4 years ago - Comments: 5
John W. McKinstry

Massachusetts Mt. Dulcimer players?

Hi, live in Lee. Western Ma. and I wondered if there are any dulcimer...
@John W. McKinstry 5 years ago - Comments: 0
John W. McKinstry

Placement of position marker at 6 1/2 fret?

I play a lot in D A A, and I was thinking of putting position markers at...
@John W. McKinstry 6 years ago - Comments: 11
John W. McKinstry

Inexpensive items to help beginners?

For young players whose feet don't reach the floor I have made lap...
@John W. McKinstry 6 years ago - Comments: 5
John W. McKinstry

Substitute for a turkey quill?

Hi everyone. Recently on Fotmd videos i watched John Henry play Pretty...
@John W. McKinstry 6 years ago - Comments: 3
John W. McKinstry

Dulcimer Discovery Workshop Experiment

Hi everyone,  A dulcimer student of mine is a children's librarian and...
@John W. McKinstry 6 years ago - Comments: 0
John W. McKinstry

Rediscovering Ionian while in D A d' tuning

I have just rediscovered that you can play Ionian tunes while in the D A...
@John W. McKinstry 6 years ago - Comments: 2
John W. McKinstry

Mozart's Trilogy

I have just formed a Mt. Dulcimer group with three of my students.  We...
@John W. McKinstry 6 years ago - Comments: 3
John W. McKinstry

An adjusted music stand for the dulcimer

I have a cheap metal collapsible music stand that I bought for a...
@John W. McKinstry 7 years ago - Comments: 1
John W. McKinstry

A place for my pick!

I pass this tip on to others who like myself have had a problem...
@John W. McKinstry 7 years ago - Comments: 13
John W. McKinstry

Soundboard for a Sweetsong Dulcimer?

I just purchased a walnut Sweet Song Dulcimer kit and was thinking of...
@John W. McKinstry 7 years ago - Comments: 9
John W. McKinstry

Videos on FOTMD lead to gig!

After posting three videos on FOTMD and telling our choir director about...
@John W. McKinstry 7 years ago - Comments: 1
John W. McKinstry

A hollow possum board?

I was wondering if anyone has made a possum board out of an old...
@John W. McKinstry 7 years ago - Comments: 10
John W. McKinstry

Noter attached to dulcimer?

Hi friends, I am new to this group. I have made a few dulcimers from...
@John W. McKinstry 7 years ago - Comments: 25
John W. McKinstry

What's happening in "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen"?

Hi everyone, glad to be a part of this group. Recently I was singing...
@John W. McKinstry 7 years ago - Comments: 5
John W. McKinstry

Singing With the dulcimer can be fun.

A beginning student of mine wants to play the dulcimer while she sings...
@John W. McKinstry 7 years ago - Comments: 5

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Poetry celebrating the beautiful music of...

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Looking for clarification on D A d

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10/08/20 12:58:46PM @strumelia:

John, you generous site donation is very much appreciated. Thank you!  sun

Richard Streib
02/10/18 07:19:11PM @richard-streib:

John, What a great idea to offer a loaner at the library. I hope the library will become an avenue of introducing the dulcimer to others.

Ben Barr Jr
02/14/17 01:12:57PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi John, it would be a pleasure.  I would love hearing your latest songs and the ones that i have heard thus far are very good.  Yeah, we got quite a bit of snow...maybe better than two feet (not including the drifts) and another storm to begin on Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping by.  Ben

06/09/16 04:52:58PM @strumelia:

Hi John,

I received your kind site donation today, and I was very touched by it.  Thank you so much for helping FOTMD in honor of your late friend Steve Deckard.   flower

Robin Thompson
04/23/16 09:40:10AM @robin-thompson:

John, thank you for your kind, generous comment!  It is my privilege to call you a friend.  

Lexie R Oakley
03/04/16 01:02:16PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thank you John for letting me know about your beautiful song "When I shelter my sheep".

I really enjoy listening to you sing and play. By the way that is a beautiful dulcimer you play.

I been recovering at my Mom's after breaking my knee cap 6 wks ago, oh that darn ice.

Everything is healing fine and I am now walking pretty well. I think I have 3 weeks till I can do strengthening physical therapy, but for now it is just wait and heal.

Thanks John, you are sweet to think of me....Lexie

John Keane
02/02/16 07:16:35AM @john-keane:

Thank you, and I did enjoy your video very much.

01/26/16 08:48:41PM @strumelia:

Hi John,

You can ask site questions on how to use the site right here:

-click on the Plus sign Button (+) to add your new question/discussionthread.

There is already a discussion there outlining how to send private messages:

There is also a thread there about how to add an audio music file, etc.

Look through the threads in that Site Questions Forum and you'll get lots of answers to questions you haven't even asked yet!  ;)


Gordon Hardy
01/26/16 06:00:45PM @gordon-hardy:

Hello John, re Where will I shelter my sheep tonight, I sent you a personal message for you to reply to or you can contact me on my home email Thank you.

Gordon Hardy
01/26/16 12:49:55PM @gordon-hardy:

Hey John, sure glad we're following each other, is there a chance that you might share your tab for: Where Will I Shelter My Sheep Tonight. It is a fine song. Thank you.

Joy W.
01/09/16 11:36:14PM @joy-w:

Sounds like your guitar is right on track. I was playing on a three-string baritone dulcimer tuned AEa when I recorded "I Never Will Marry."

Ken Longfield
08/04/15 11:11:10AM @ken-longfield:

Hello John. The only way to do this that I know of in this new system is to place a comment on someone's page asking them to follow you. People need to follow each other in order to send private messages. Yes, I still assemble kits for folks. The cost depends on the time I spend and what type of finish people want on their dulcimer. For a McSpadden Sweet Song the cost starts at $75 plus finishing material and shipping.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Steven Deckard
06/17/15 10:57:09PM @steven-deckard:

Glad to hear from you John.  I really feel good about you continuing your ministry with children.  I still get a kick out our your dulcimer story telling at the library.  I'm not famialiar with the songs you played for the children in church.  I'll have to see if I can find them.  Hope things are well with you all.  My older brother passed a week ago today from myxofibro sarcoma.  There is no cure.  He said he was prepared to meet Jesus.  I'm glad we are too.

This new web site is going to take some getting use to.   


Lexie R Oakley
05/06/15 03:32:43PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Sorry John, I checked my friends list and you are not listed, but you are when I am on your page. Well no worries, just a ning glitch, I know you are a friend huh!....Lexie

Lexie R Oakley
05/06/15 03:28:56PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Thank you for the friend request John. I enjoy your songs and smile when I see your posts.

I took a look at you A.W. Jefferies Dulcimer, what a beautiful treasure. Do you play it very often? I would love to hear how it sounds to compare it to the Jefferies prototype Robert Schuler made in which I bought, it has a very sweet sound.

I play with a noter and love the history of our dulcimer and the ole' style sound.

Blessings to you....LexieSmile.gif

05/06/15 10:27:19AM @tumbleweed:

Hi John, thank you for your comment on my video. It is so nice to see so many brethren on this sight. Your wife and you are very talented and gifted3.gif


Ken Longfield
04/21/15 11:35:25AM @ken-longfield:

Thank you John. I appreciate your comments.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Saul Chapnick
04/10/15 11:15:27PM @saul-chapnick:
Thank you for your welcoming words, John. Glad to come on board! Lee is one of my favorite places on earth. I visited the berkshires twice a year for nearly thirty years. It is beautiful as well as cultural. Saul
Stephanie Stuckwisch
04/05/15 10:51:40PM @stephanie-stuckwisch:

Please let me know when you post the videos.

I do have a love of Taize music. Simple chord accompaniment on the dulcimer fits it nicely.

Cynthia Wigington
03/19/15 05:59:10PM @cynthia-wigington:

John, funny I thought you looked familiar. I have done serious time at Hitchcock, and probably saw you about. The only church I know in Wilder is St Paul's. I will learn the melody to Beach Spring, so hopefully I can teach that one to the folks at the litte church here in West Fairlee. I sure love hearing the shape note tunes and am working on a number of them.