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Reel Joy - orignial composition

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:53
Don't panic but I cut my finger! (On a table saw). The healing process is going well and in another week or two it will be back to normal. The green thing on my ring finger is my bandaging system; it's only the tip of my finger but I'm just making sure it's protected well. In the mean time, I have been really thankful to find how much I can still play the four fingers I still have. I have to do some different types of fingerings that I don't like as well, but it is working well and I'm super glad to be able to play. I truly believe what is on my shirt, that if we know Jesus no situation is really that bad.

I composed this tune yesterday, the inspiration is that I am back home in Minnesota and getting to see all the people I have missed for so long. It's not probably quite a reel but it makes for a nice title. I'm just filled with joy to be back home and be reacquainted with some old dulcimers I haven't played in a while. While I like the four strings and chromatic fretboard of the banjo dulcimer I made, this dulcimer has a really nice tone.

06/20/21 04:59:22PM @leny-sue:

Amazing as always, Grant. Way to persevere through difficulties, but looks like it was easy for you. I love the tune, love the shirt as well.

Robin Thompson
06/20/21 08:11:25AM @robin-thompson:

Grant, your flat picking is so very good!  I love the original tune and agree with Strumelia-- this would be a great fiddle tune! 

06/19/21 01:09:00PM @strumelia:

I love watching your fingers and thumb do this crazy dance that somehow makes beautiful music!  I never cease to be amazed by your talent, Grant. bowdown

Also, this would be a terrific fiddle tune!