Problems with the latest TablEdit software update

Kay Bolin
06/06/15 02:55:25PM

Hi friends,

I'm having problems with two things with the updated TablEdit software, plus I just don't know how to do the third.

1. Reading list is not allowing me to put a simple double bar at the end of my work. I'm working around it right now by going to an old file that I've done with a double bar, copying it, deleting the notes and writing in the new notes. It doesn't like that I'm using the old version when I do that, but most of the time it's working. Seems like a pain to do that.

2.Multitrack is not showing the options to show voice notation and harmony TAB, for instance.

From their manual: "display/ print out the notation for one instrument and the tablature for another."

I'm attaching a file to show you what its showing. Not sure how to use this to print just what I want.And the second file is what the multitrack tab should show (screen shot from their manual).

3. And I just don't know how to put at the top left of the music a little note that shows two eighths = quarter and eighth in triplet formation - so I can write out my song in a way that's not so intimidating to a new person, but indicate the rhythm.

Thanks for any and all help!