Setting up and playing a Mize dulcimer

Parker Buckley
05/30/13 05:23:31PM

Hi All,

I recently had the good fortune to buy a Mize dulcimer off eBay that needs basic setup (including bridge) and some small cosmetic work. It was set up originally (based on the nut) for only four-equidistant, and I'm wondering how Mr Mize and his followers would have tuned and played these instruments. I enjoy playing three-course chord melody, traditional noter/drone, and Galax styles. I've also taken one of Janita Baker's workshops and used to do a little finger picking in her style. All this is to say that I'm willing to try most anything and would like to set the Mize dulcimer up in what would have been a traditional way and try some appropriate tunes on it. Oh, and it has a 6+ fret as well. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!