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Pass It On (Plaisir d'Amour)

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Duration: 00:05:30
New from old. Includes "Infinitab" for mountain dulcimer. Lyrics: Every Saturday if you were in town, you'd come up for dinner; it was good to have you aroun...
Jud Barry
05/30/14 01:45:26PM @jud-barry:

Very cool, Gwen! 41.gif Jam on!

Gwen Caeli
05/30/14 12:36:47AM @gwen-caeli:

Lovin' it, Jud! Quickly slapped a capo on 3 and was jammin' right along with you! Good sounds, cool graphics!

Jud Barry
05/29/14 09:15:15PM @jud-barry:

That's about the highest compliment I could hope for, Nila! The tuning is DAd, but the song itself is in the key of G--the "home" is the 3 fret. I'll get to work on a proper tab and share it.

Robin Clark
05/05/14 04:46:24PM @robin-clark:

That was great Jud - I really enjoyed it Grin.gif

Helen Seiler
05/05/14 05:14:37AM @helen-seiler:

I really like this Jud. Great playing, vocal and video/special effectswork. Very special.

Jud Barry
05/04/14 09:41:51PM @jud-barry:

Thank you all for the nice words! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I forgot to put anywhere in the movie that the tuning is DAd--I guess that'll have to wait for the sequel.Smile.gif But originally the song was played on a CGc dulcimer, which made it easier to sing on account of being a whole step lower. Also, the movie doesn't tab the creole version of the refrain, but it's easy bar chords using only 3 (do), open (sol), 6A (fa), and 1 (la). I hope some of you take it for a spin!

Dusty Turtle
05/04/14 08:10:15PM @dusty-turtle:

Wow! Love the lyrics. Love the playing. Love the video production. The song also fools you, for the upbeat, rollicking playing belies the sorrow of the lyrics. Really nice work!

Cindy Stammich
05/04/14 07:21:50PM @cindy-stammich:

Jud, I love this video! The dulcimer was great, the singing was great and the video was just plain cool!

Thank you for sharing!Smile.gif

Keep strumming and smiling!


Steve Battarbee
05/04/14 03:32:47PM @steve-battarbee:

I really enjoyed this. Goodstuff!!

John Keane
05/03/14 09:37:05AM @john-keane:

Neat song and neat presentation (handy too)! Smile.gif

Jud Barry
05/03/14 09:31:05AM @jud-barry:

Something for a sweet Appalachian morning. Includes tab to the basic version so you can play along!Grin.gif