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Jud Barry
11/20/19 07:53:18AM @jud-barry:

Thank you very, very much, @Christine-Shoemaker!

Christine Shoemaker
11/17/19 08:58:47PM @christine-shoemaker:

Very, very cool, Jud!!!   thumbsupclap

Jud Barry
11/13/19 10:35:43AM @jud-barry:

Thank you, @Ariane! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

11/08/19 05:02:17AM @ariane:

Very creative playing and video, Jud!

Jud Barry
11/04/19 10:51:41AM @jud-barry:

Thank you to @Rob-N-Lackey and @Strumelia for their thoughtful comments. You are shining examples of what makes this website a wonderful place.

11/01/19 06:13:18PM @strumelia:

Not only did I love your playing and the tone of that dulcimer, but i love the ultra creative video use you made of the 12th century walrus ivory Lewis chessmen. Well done!

Rob N Lackey
11/01/19 10:35:32AM @rob-n-lackey:

Well, that was different.  But I liked it! 


Jud Barry
11/01/19 10:03:08AM @jud-barry:

Thanks, Steven! glad to hit the hat trick! :-)

Steven Berger
11/01/19 08:29:36AM @steven-berger:

I really like this, Jud...the music, the playing, and the video!