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Redbud winter, Covid spring

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:41
Instrumental: lap dulciharp. Also windowsill snowboarding.
04/17/20 11:06:22PM @irene:

It's even better the 2ed and 3ed time listening and watching.   GREAT...and I remembered that instrument in back of where you're sitting.  A crumbhorn? if it has a curved bell design.   lots of cool symbols.  thanks again. aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
04/17/20 10:58:37PM @dusty-turtle:

So cool! hamster

Jud Barry
04/17/20 10:06:55PM @jud-barry:

Thank you, @Terry-Wilson and @Ariane, for your comments. I very much appreciate them!

04/17/20 05:45:42AM @ariane:

Love your playing, love the combination of instruments, the composition and your imaginative video! Wonderful! happydance

Terry Wilson
04/05/20 10:24:04AM @terry-wilson:

Love it.  Cool as can be.  The harmonica adds so much.  You play it well.

Jud Barry
04/05/20 09:29:59AM @jud-barry:

Thanks all! Yes, here in NE TN the redbuds are fully out. They used to be the first of the blooming trees in spring, but now newer types of ornamental pears and cherries have deprived them of that status. Still, the redbuds impart an irresistible gladness. And yes, @Glenda-Hubbard, that is a cardboard dulcimer! A Backyard Simplicity. I love it.

Glenda  Hubbard
04/05/20 07:17:19AM @glenda-hubbard:

 What a fun song!! Redbuds already blooming in Tn. not made it to In. yet maybe next week if it warms up. Is that a cardboard dulcimer your playing?  Very cool ! Thanks 

04/04/20 11:42:19PM @hobbyhorse:

Thanks for that.

04/04/20 10:55:53PM @irene:

VERY COOL....and you have a lot of symbols in your other "doo dads" going on.  I l so love the red bud trees and looking forward to them blooming here.  you play other instruments....not a recorder there, but.....Have a happy day....thanks so much for sharing your talent here.   aloha, irene

Steven Berger
04/04/20 10:44:35PM @steven-berger:

Good music, good video! happydance

Jud Barry
04/04/20 10:22:32PM @jud-barry:

A new something for "lap dulciharp": lap dulcimer and harmonica in a rack. It's a fun combo.