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Eleanor Plunkett on Mountain Dulcimer performed by Judith Giddings

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Duration: 00:02:26
Arranged and performed by Judith Giddings on a Schnaufer model McSpadden dulcimer, CGC tuning. Eleanor Plunkett, written by Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) Ir...
Brian G.
06/17/17 07:43:46AM @brian-g:

Beautifully done Judith.  I really enjoyed that (though I enjoy all of your playing).  :)

05/05/14 04:44:37PM @guglielmo:

I like it.

Very, very much.


Judith Giddings
03/08/13 08:30:45AM @judith-giddings:

Thanks, Helen and Karen, for your kind comments. Helen, there is more of my playing on my YouTube Channel. Just type my name, Judith Giddings, into the search box.

Judith Giddings
11/16/12 11:22:08PM @judith-giddings:

Thanks for the nice comments. The arrangement has actually evolved since that was posted to something I like even better. Hope to record it one of these days.

Rob, the amp is a Roland MicroCube. I love it... it's very versatile and works well for my hospice playing as it will run on 6 AA batteries for 8 hours and only weighs 7 1/2 pounds.


Rob N Lackey
11/16/12 03:09:10AM @rob-n-lackey:

That was quite beautiful, both the tune and your arrangement, and one which, if I had heard before, I'd forgotten. Is the amp I see beside you a Fender? More... more.... encore... encore


Brian G.
05/22/11 10:23:24PM @brian-g:
Very lovely! Thank you for sharing.
Judith Giddings
05/22/11 10:21:08PM @judith-giddings:
Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments!
Dusty Turtle
05/22/11 08:55:18PM @dusty:
Very pretty. You always get such a perfect tone out of your dulcimer. And your playing is both precise and expressive. That's also a nifty trick when you slide the dulcimer over to access the upper register.
John Keane
05/22/11 08:15:27PM @john-keane:
Such a pretty tune...thanks for doing that.
Robin Thompson
05/22/11 07:23:47PM @robin-thompson:
Both the arrangement and your play are so very lovely, Judith.