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Brian G.

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"New" harp dulcimer and Gallier A-frame...

Posted: Monday January 4 2016, 9:26 PM
By: @Brian G.

One buzz - 2nd fret, bass string. Driving...

Posted: Thursday August 25 2011, 4:44 PM
By: @Brian G.


Brian G.
01/10/20 09:38:57AM @brian-g:

Just picked up a beautiful new dulcimer and thought I'd share my excitement (and some photos).  This is a beautiful custom instrument by Tony Vines.  For those who are interested in specs, here they are:

• Quilted Maple back and sides
• Englemann Spruce soundboard
• Blue Paua Abalone soundboard purfling
• Blue Paua Abalone center stripe on back
• Amazon Rosewood body binding
• Soundholes bound in Amazon Rosewood
• African Mahogany fingerboard
• Rosewood fingerboard overlay
• Abalone dot position markers
• Corian nut and saddle
• Spanish Cedar Kerf Linings
• Gold Evo Fret Wire (guitar size)
• Gold Gotoh Tuners

This is the prettiest dulcimer I own, and it plays and sounds lovely. To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement.  :)


Vines6.jpg  •  198KB

Vines12.jpg  •  427KB

Vines11.jpg  •  419KB

Vines2.jpg  •  436KB

Vines7.jpg  •  613KB

Vines4.jpg  •  465KB

Vines10.jpg  •  402KB

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Vines1.jpg  •  534KB

Lois Sprengnether Keel
05/26/18 02:49:22PM @lois-sprengnether-keel:

Brian, I imagine you haven't been following the Everything Dulcimer discussion since you succeeded in your download.  I've used the same HTTrack program to mirror the site on a flashdrive.  It comes up with a .wrc extension.  I have yet to find a way to be able to open it.  What am I missing besides my sanity!?!?boggling

03/23/17 09:27:15PM @virginiaky:

Thanks for the welcome, Brian! I notice that you have the 1.5 fret, which I don't (yet). I'll have a listen now and then to remind me what I'm working towards, and someday I'll have a dulcimer that can play up to my ambitions - even if my talent is lacking. :)


02/11/17 10:04:04AM @virginiaky:

Hi Brian, I am a new dulcimer player and also new to the forum. I found a thread that showed you playing (beautifully!) Norwegian Wood. It's also one of my favorite Beatles songs, and I wonder if you still have tablature that you can share?  Thank you.

Virginia Goodman

Robin Thompson
02/08/16 07:19:25PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, Brian, James's  monthly tune challenge is in the Call the Tune group.  (I saw where you'd wondred about it.) 

05/13/14 10:29:11AM @filipinouker:

Hi Brian, thank you for listening to my "Wildwood Flower" video. Yes it is my very first piece on the MD. I will admit, I'm struggling with a lot of chords, but I'm persevering - the sound of the MD is soooo addictive! Again, thank you for the encouragement.

Ken Bloom
10/08/13 08:08:18AM @ken-bloom:

Hi Brian,

I'd be happy to build you one. Why don't you e-mail me at and we can talk about it in depth!

Scott Allen
05/09/13 08:06:32AM @scott-allen:

Here you go Brian. This list was mostly compiled by Sara Johnson with a few I added. The highlighted ones are ones I already know or are planning on learning in the near future.

Enjoy! 18th%20century%20music.docx

Helen Seiler
10/08/12 04:55:52PM @helen-seiler:
Gaday Brian. Thanks for your input on my left hand discussion. Your video does demonstrate what you said very well. I think my beginners enthusiasm has seen me diving into songs without first working out the most efficient way to play them. Rather than trying to change how I play those first songs I think from now on I will make a rule of planning the most efficient way to play each new tune I take on. I watched a few of your videos. Oh, to be able to play like that one day. I really enjoyed them. Thanks again for your help.
Karen Keane
04/02/12 07:20:59AM @karen-keane:

Palestine was great and their was a lot of great music and jams. It'll probably be a few days before we get everything together so we can post stuff, but that's what long weekends are for. Glad to know everything is OK with you. Talk with you later.Grin.gif

Karen Keane
04/02/12 12:26:55AM @karen-keane:

Hey Brian, it's Karen. I have been worried about you. I haven't heard any recent vids and wanted to check on you. Have you been busy or what?

Vivian Hays
01/29/12 12:01:45PM @vivian-hays:

Thanks Brian, it's nice to make new friends!

John Henry
01/08/12 09:06:39AM @john-henry:

Brian, my thanks for your kind comment on Nonsuch, and also for the fact that you took the trouble to 're-post' it. I do not have the faintest notion on what that entails, I can make a reasonable dulcimer, and sometimes get a decent tune or two from one, but can barely cope with this thing lol

best wishes


Dan Goad
12/17/11 10:11:40PM @dan-goad:

Brian my email is



John Henry
10/19/11 05:42:24PM @john-henry:

Your comment means a lot Brian, for I appreciate your musical attributes. I just do what I do ,lol !

Hope to get some hammered dulcimer time in for a change this weekend, will think of you !


Kerry Werry
09/20/11 04:17:57PM @kerry-werry:

Brian I'd appreciate a copy of the old TAB if you can find it.. I don't read music but know the song so I can probably figure it out.. i'm playing it right now from the fiddle tune, I managed to sort out thefingeringto pluck it on the melody string.. ( ok but far from the best).



John Henry
08/21/11 08:38:29AM @john-henry:

Thanks for comment Brian, just keep them tunes coming, I am really enjoying your recent choices!n I can't remember if I asked before, so am asking now (it's me age ,you know) What Hammered dulcimer do you have?


John Henry
08/18/11 05:41:47PM @john-henry:

One on Christmas Eve 2009, and one two weeks before Christmas last year ! I am just about OK now, after a bit of fine tuning, tho' there is the matter of a sticking valve yet to be sorted.............!

This is part of the reason I have had a splurge of making and posting tunes, things yet to done which should have been done ect.

I'm 78, and have seen and done a lot, but only of recent years made music, and I am 'having a blast' as we used to say a few years back.

Its good to know you Brian.


John Henry
08/18/11 11:49:26AM @john-henry:

Brian ! Very kind of you to comment on my last video, it helps a lot when musicians like yourself offer encouragement to us not so talented people, I'm a maker who dabbles with playing, but enjoys doing so immensely. After my heart attack just prior to Christmas last, all this is a bonus !!

best wishes


Janene Millen
08/17/11 10:06:45AM @janene-millen:

OOOPS. I got it wrong. It's "King of the Fairies". Maybe you know it now that I gave you the correct name?? If not I did a QUICK search on YouTube for some samples and there are LOTS but here is one I found that has the tempo I'm used to hearing it. Larry C. made a nice arrangement of it.

which was the first time I had ever heard it. Did I mention I took lessons from him about 13 years an advanced beginner. He asked me what kind of music I liked and I had just gotten an O'Carolan CD (my first celtic music CD) and I was wearing it out. So we worked primarily on Celtic music. It was a great gift he gave me. I'll message you about guitars and lady singers.