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O'Carolan's Sir Festus Burke on Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:45
Judith Giddings performs her arrangement of Sir Festus Burke on a Blue Lion dulcimer, tuned CGC.
Judith Giddings
12/30/11 12:30:34PM @judith-giddings:

Garey, I don't think a lot of mountain dulcimer players have heard this tune. I have heard it on hammered dulcimer, guitar, and a Chieftans version (all very fast), but am not aware of any mountain dulcimer performances or arrangements, so I think it is pretty new for our instrument.

Thanks again to everyone for the nice comments! J:-)

Judith Giddings
12/29/11 11:57:55AM @judith-giddings:

What wonderful and encouraging comments! The tune is usually played much faster, in a rollicking style, so it might just be one of the slowest versions around. Thanks for the validation!

12/28/11 11:48:49AM @beth-hansen:

You make it look so effortless! It's a beautiful tune, I haven't heard that one before.

Judith Giddings
12/27/11 06:41:22PM @judith-giddings:

Thanks for the nice comments and Happy New Year to all!

Linda Jo brockinton
12/27/11 05:58:12PM @linda-jo-brockinton:

41.gif 8.gif Absolutely beautiful. I see a new dulcimer too, congrats! Great Job Judith. Hope you had a great Christmas!36.gif Happy New Year

Dan Goad
12/27/11 04:00:40PM @dan-goad:

41.gif Beautiful playing, Judith. I do enjoy your videos. You have a marvelous touch with the dulcimer.

Grin.gif Grin.gif

John Keane
12/27/11 03:57:54PM @john-keane:

Very nicely done on a beautiful instrument! Thanks for sharing this one with us!