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Crickle Creek on mountain dulcimer and banjo ukulele

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Crickle Creek on mountain dulcimer and banjo ukulele
05/01/19 11:49:36PM @elvensong:

Cripple Creek is the one song I learned on the banjo, Flatt & Scruggs if memory serves. This was a strong influence to my fingerpicking. Great job!


Terry Wilson
04/28/19 12:33:30PM @terry-wilson:


I enjoyed your playing.   Cripple Creek is one of my favorites. 


04/27/19 03:10:47PM @ariane:

That was wonderful, Kjb - I enjoyed listening and watching - I bet next time you will be smiling smile

Gordon Hardy
04/26/19 11:16:55AM @gordon-hardy:

Thanks Kjb I really enjoyed that!

Steven Berger
04/26/19 10:43:54AM @steven-berger:

This is a really good version of "Cripple Creek", Kjb!

Ken Longfield
04/26/19 08:33:43AM @ken-longfield:

Very nice. You did a good job both with the video and the playing.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

04/26/19 04:27:38AM @kjb:

It’s an Applecreek dulcimer.  It was a Christmas present from my kids.  They got it on sale from Amazon for about $50.  I’m loving it.

You are correct, the tune is called Cripple Creek!

Dusty Turtle
04/26/19 03:57:51AM @dusty-turtle:

Well that is so much better than my first (or tenth!) posting. Really nice! What kind of dulcimer is that?  It has a nice, rich sound.

I always knew this as Cripple Creek.

04/26/19 03:08:34AM @kjb:

My first posting, so be kind.  I was having fun, although you can’t tell from my expression, with the Acapella app last night.