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Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

style or instrument: Standard Cherry McSpadden dulcimer

musician/member name: Lisa von Biela

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Playing Jessica Comeau's arrangement of this piece on my cherry McSpadden. Thought I was playing it pretty smoothly--the audio is eye-opening to a hitch here and there in how I play it. My hitches aside, it does show off the gorgeous tones this dulcimer is capable of--and makes use of that lovely 1+ fret at the end. I do love having that there!
12/08/20 10:17:10AM @lisavb:

That's what I love, too.  And if you try and fail, you just make a bad note.  I also paint with watercolors--one bad move and you might wreck the whole thing.  :)  

Robin Thompson
12/07/20 09:33:37AM @robin-thompson:

Oh, I've seen Linda B on video, too-- wow!  You indicate fingerpicking is something to which you aspire.  One thing I love most about making music is there is always something to learn, a new adventure to be had.  It's fun and challenging.

12/07/20 09:18:20AM @lisavb:

Thanks, Robin!  Yeah, I was drawn to the chord/melody style pretty much right off the bat--and I love Jessica's arrangements.  I want to up my fingerpicking game, too.  I played this with a pick, DAD.  Was watching a Linda Brockinton video the other, her fingers are magical.  Something more to aspire to!

Robin Thompson
12/06/20 08:10:04AM @robin-thompson:

Lisa, your play is lovely!  I'm so glad you posted this here-- it is great to hear the many different styles of play and how those styles reflect a tune's mood.  You chose a lovely arrangement with one by Jessica C!