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Elk River Blues

Elk River Blues

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Played on my Ed Thomas replica, built for me by John Knopf, which I received last week. It's an all-walnut instrument with meantone fretting. Recorded on my Zoom Q2n.
Steve Battarbee
08/08/20 04:27:30AM @steve-battarbee:

One of my favourite tunes for MD. Lovely version. I too have an uncle Ed that John K made and I love it 

07/14/20 01:45:49PM @magictime:

Thanks all, and especially Robin. You're too kind!

07/14/20 03:56:28AM @ariane:

Very beautiful!

Robin Thompson
07/11/20 12:37:59PM @robin-thompson:

Magictime, this is one of the best versions of Ernie Carpenter's Elk River Blues I've ever heard on mountain dulcimer.  And it sounds just right on that Uncle Ed replica John built.  

Steven Berger
07/11/20 09:39:26AM @steven-berger:

Congratulations, Magictime! You've got a winner there! Nice playing, too!