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The Blackest Crow

The Blackest Crow

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Played on my Ed Thomas replica, built for me by John Knopf, which I received last week. It's an all-walnut instrument with meantone fretting. Recorded on my Zoom Q2n.
07/14/20 01:44:34PM @magictime:

Thanks all for your kind comments! Strumelia, it was a good thought about my computer's recycling bin, but I deleted the original recording off my recorder's memory card, so I think it is just gone. Oh well - I'll just rerecord it some time.

Robin Thompson
07/14/20 11:11:44AM @robin-thompson:

Nicely played, Magictime, and sounds so good on that Knopf Thomas replica!  

07/14/20 03:54:44AM @ariane:

Wonderful sound and playing!

07/11/20 07:24:11PM @strumelia:


...and alas, I've deleted the original recording and can't correct it.


Unless you've recently emptied your computer's recycle bin, it's probably in there and easily retrievable.

Steven Berger
07/11/20 09:46:16AM @steven-berger:

Nice playing, nice sounding dulcimore!

07/11/20 07:39:46AM @dan:

John builds a fine instrument!

07/11/20 07:20:30AM @magictime:

Oops - just noticed the dodgy trimming at the beginning, and alas, I've deleted the original recording and can't correct it. I'll leave this up for now as a demo of my new dulcimer, anyway.