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Leaning on the Everlasting Arms - Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:01:17
I first heard this song sung by Robert Mitchum as a creepy preacher in the movie "Night of the Hunter". My talk is more inspired by a more wholesome version by the Carter Family.
Mark C
04/15/17 09:05:50AM @mark-c:

Thanks for the encouragement. Cindy, listening to the Carter Family version again, there is a a mandolin solo, which is probably what gave me the idea to move up an octave. I've been realizing how many songs that I like involve the mandolin, but playing them on a dulcimer when possible sounds just as good or better!

04/14/17 11:26:34PM @strumelia:

(Boy, who can forget Robert Mitchum in that movie!)nailbite

Nice playing here Marc, sounds great!

Cindy Stammich
04/13/17 10:52:00PM @cindy-stammich:

I really enjoyed this Mark!  I really like that you played it on on 2 octaves!  Nice variety!

Mark C
04/13/17 10:29:06PM @mark-c:

Thanks everyone!

Steven Berger
04/13/17 08:26:34PM @steven-berger:

Nice playing, Mark! I like the use of the quill. Calling Robert Mitchum's preacher "creepy" may be a bit of an understatement! Great movie!



04/13/17 05:03:40PM @hugssandi:

I like your fancy fingers and am learning from your video!  

Julia Gabriele
04/13/17 04:42:40PM @jgabsalot: