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Chariot Clouds

Chariot Clouds

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04/03/23 12:03:44PM @davisjames:

Wow.Variations on the variations,all neatly tied up at the end.It's complete unto itself but I can still hear string bass,percussion,a lead instrument other than guitar(I'm a guitar player-I can say that,laugh)..  Maybe that would spoil it,like adding water to a full glass.

Robin Thompson
01/09/22 02:55:29PM @robin-thompson:

Mark, I like this a lot.  I don't know enough about music/world music to know what may have been your influences for the tune yet it's a cool piece.  

Mark Filler
01/09/22 02:10:55PM @mark-filler:

C# F# F# A

Mark Filler
01/09/22 02:05:13PM @mark-filler:

In a tuning based on Locrian Mode with bass and middle string and inside melody strings a 4th above the bass string