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Walk In The Wind by Mark Filler

Walk In The Wind by Mark Filler

@Mark Filler
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Sam Edelston
08/25/13 06:39:16PM @sam-edelston:

Robert brought a prototype to the Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival (which I chair) in 2007, for me to try out. I loved the way it felt, offered a couple of suggestions, and couldn't get it out of my head afterward.

Blue Lion lists their instrument's total length as 36.5", with a VSL of 26.25."

The Black Wolf is about 36.5" long, with a vibrating string length of 27". It has a piezo under the saddle and a humbucker at the end of the fretboard, wired in stereo, with volume and tone knobs for each. It has a hollow body, but with extra-light strings (and in my case, only three of them), it's not very loud when played acoustically.

Standard is 6-string, but I only play 3-string, so he customized that for me and added the 0+, 1+, and 8+ frets.

01/04/11 09:04:05PM @strumelia:
Hi Mark, I hope you'll enjoy it here! :)
Bill Lewis
01/04/11 07:13:04AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Mark. :)
Jim Fawcett
01/04/11 07:06:12AM @jim-fawcett:
Welcome aboard Mark. Glad ya found us.
John Henry
01/04/11 05:19:07AM @john-henry:

Welcome to our site Mark