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RDD concert: set # 2) Peter Tommerup & Lee Anne Welch; set # 1) Neal Hellman & Janet Herman

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Dulcimerica podcast of Redwood Dulcimer Day concert 2008:-- set # 2: [4:51--end] Peter & Lee Anne playing 3 French tunes (La Marianne/Milk Shake/Bourree Francaise);-- set # 1: [0:00-4:50] Neal Hellman & Janet Herman, dulcimer & recorderDulcimerica podcast # 101 of RDD concert by Bing Futch
Peter Tommerup
07/08/12 04:26:19AM @peter-tommerup:


You're absolutely right--Janet is playing a penny whistle in the RDD concert video and NOT a recorder. She is a really good recorder player, and I'm just more used to seeing her play that so I didn't look closely enough to check it out. Thanks for noticing and mentioning it!Grin.gif


Peter Tommerup
07/08/12 04:23:46AM @peter-tommerup:

Hi Dusty,

Yeah, that 2nd bourree--Bourree Francaise--is a bit of a thumb workout, but somehow it works out OK. It's not at all uncomfortable, and I could probably even play it somewhat faster (which I often have to do with my French tune pals). There is just something about the way the intervals and chords are strung together that makes it doable and FUN.Grin.gif

See you at RDD!

Best, Peter

Peter Tommerup
07/08/12 04:17:28AM @peter-tommerup:

Hi Patty,
Thanks for letting us know that you enjoyed our playing! :D We always enjoy playing together, and RDD is always something we look forward to! And about changing instruments: I think you're right; it probably is easier for Lee Anne to swap fiddle for viola than it would be for me to go from mountain dulcimer to hammered dulcimer.


Dusty Turtle
07/07/12 10:25:46PM @dusty-turtle:

Wow, Peter, that bourree certainly gives your thumb a workout! Nice playing.

Are you sure that is a recorder and not a penny whistle that Janet is playing? It looks pretty thin for a recorder and she doesn't appear to be playing withher right pinky.

Patty from Virginia
07/07/12 01:00:30PM @patty-from-virginia:

Peter, that was lovely. I enjoy thisSmile.gif I suppose it is easier for Leann to switch from viola to violin than for you to switch dulcimersGrin.gif I truly enjoyed listening to this. Thanks for postingSmile.gif